Scientific challenge

ORION addresses the following scientific grand challenge:

How to make decisions successfully for efficiently using software components or services from different sources to develop competitive software-intensive systems in relation to the trade-off between functionality, time to market, cost, quality, legacy and risk?

The project addresses development of software intensive products and services, including new development and building on existing assets (systems, components, platforms, etc.).


ORION aims at providing decision-support for software component options and services for development of software-intensive systems, and in particular cyber-physical systems, which integrates strategic, tactical, and operational concerns.


BTH, MDH and SICS bring a unique integrated competence in software-intensive systems, cyber-physical systems, component-based development, strategic software management in software engineering and empirical SE.

Methods to reduce the cost of software licenses

Companies spend a lot of money on software licenses for their employees. It is common for companies to finance software licenses by applying for a loan. In this article, we explain how companies can finance software licenses and how to reduce the cost of these licenses.

Society is becoming more and more digital. This means that companies, organizations and individuals become more and more dependent on having appropriate technology and appropriate software. It is necessary both to manage private management and its work-related commitments. Many individuals need to take out a loan to be able to buy a computer or iPad, with associated software. Our experience is that you are wise to compare the best loans before applying. Loan comparison means comparing the interest rate and terms of different loans, to find the best private loan in Sweden. A clear advantage today compared to before is that you can apply for a loan to buy a computer online, previously you needed to visit a bank branch for this purpose.  It does not have to be very expensive if you have to take out a loan to buy a computer with some associated software for yourself, but it can be very expensive for companies that have to make these purchases for many employees. In this article, we provide tips on how companies can take out loans online to finance software and other IT-related purchases as well as how to squeeze down the cost of those purchases.

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Companies should provide their employees with computers and necessary software

It happens that companies require their employees to arrange for the purchase of computers and the equipment required to perform their tasks. Our recommendation is that the company takes care of these purchases. Otherwise, some employees will need to take out a private loan to be able to afford to buy these work tools. Admittedly, a private loan or personal loan do not have to be particularly expensive, especially if the employee compare the best loans before applying. But it is better that the company makes sure to equip the employees with the IT equipment they need. If the company has difficulty finding money for this, they can take out a loan to enable the purchases, which they can then pay off over time. A company can often find more advantageous loans in terms of interest rates compared to what applies to  private loans in Sweden or a personal loan.

Send a broad quote request before purchasing software

A strong recommendation from us is that companies should contact several software vendors to get a quote, before deciding which provider you want to hire. If the company is to finance this with the help of a loan, a loan comparison should be made before choosing to take out a loan. Compare the best loans before you make a decision, so you can be sure that you get the best terms.

Allocate licences correctly - not all employees need all software

A common mistake that companies make is to buy several different software, with licenses for each employee. Not all employees need the same licenses and in order to save money, care should be taken to adapt the licenses to the needs. It is not reasonable for an employee who needs to pay for the licenses himself to have to apply for a private loan or personal loan for a license that he does not need for his duties. Even if the employe do a loan comparison before applying. In short its really important to hire a good layer.


Loan guarantee programme

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