Jun 2016 - ICSOB best paper award

The ORION paper "Supporting Strategic Decision-making for Selection of Software Assets” received the best paper award at the 7th International Conference on Software Business (ICSOB 2016), whcih was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in June 2016.

Sep 2017 - ORION Industry Day

Welcome to ORION Industry Day!

New research will be presented and discussed

Thursday 14th September, 9:00 – 13:30 Venue 1360, J-house Campus Gräsvik

Register via http://bit.ly/2eHbdUc


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Program at a glance

9:00 Breakfast and mingle
9:20 – 9:40 Intro – Short presentation of ORION and what is going on right now – Jakob Axelsson
9:40 – 10:20 Presentation 1: “From Industrial need for asset decision-making to verification of proposed solution”

What we have learnt about decision-making today through surveys and studies. Overview and presentation of ongoing research. By Emil Alégroth and Markus Borg

In this presentation, we will present the challenges that we have identified as well as the industrial needs for effective decision-making. Coupled with these findings, we will also discuss the solutions we have developed throughout the project and the results of their industrial evaluation. Finally, the presentation will discuss the learnings of our industrial evaluations and the project's future research direction. The presentation will end with a small workshop session where we invite you, the audience, to get involved in the project and give your views on the challenges and solutions we are evaluating.

10:20-10:40 Discussion irt to presentation 1
10:50 -11:30 Presentation 2: “GRADE and COACH: Supporting architectural decisions”

Status of the ORION project and a second presentation of ongoing research by Jan Carlsson and Krzysztof Wnuk

During the ORION project we are working on solutions to support decision makers addressing the challenges presented during “Presentation 1”. In this presentation we will present the solutions developed and will have an interactive session to reflect on and discuss the solutions. We developed:

- A classification (GRADE)

- A decision support system (COACH)

11:30 -12:00 Discussion irt to presentation 2
12 – 13:30 Lunch, mingle & coffee

Sep 2015 - SAADM workshop

The ORION team has run the 1st International Workshop on Software Architecture Asset Decision-Making Workshop (SAADM) in co-location with the 9th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA 2015) in Cavtat/Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 8, 2015. The workshop focused on advancing the knowledge area of decisions making in relation to the selection and use of different types of architectural assets in software-intensive systems, and attracted many participants. Seven research papers were presented at the workshop.

Mar 2016 - MARCH workshop

The ORION presence was strong at the International Workshop on decision Making in Software ARCHitecture (MARCH16) co-located with WICSA and CompArch in Venice, Italy. Prof. Ivica Crnkovic presented ORION in the keynote "Shall I buy, outsource, or develop myself? Decision-making support for Component-based systems", and the conference program included two ORION paper presentations.

May 2018 - PhD defense by Deepika Badampudi

Deepika Badampudi defended her PhD thesis "Decision-making support for choosing among different component origins" at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The thesis is available here.

August 2018 - Two best paper awards at Euromicro SEAA

Two ORION publications were selected as "Distinguished Paper of the SEAA 2018 Programme" by the programme committee:

"Component selection in Software Engineering - Which attributes are the most important in the decision process?" by P. Chatzipetrou, E. Campbell, E. PAPPA, M. GORG, T. Savanovic and K. Knuf

“Allocation Optimization for Component-based Embedded Systems with GPUs” by G, J. Carlson and S. Fentilles.

June 2018 - Keynote at EASE

Professor Claes Wohlin gave a keynote titled "Evidence-based Software Engineering - Are We Ready to Practice It?" at the Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering conference.

May 2018 - SQUADE workshop at ICSE

ORION was part of the organization of the 1st International Workshop on Software Qualities and their Dependencies, co-located with the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering in Gothenburg. This workshop focuses on increasing our understanding of the nature of Software Qualities (SQs), "-ilities", or extra-functional requirements (reliability, usability, affordability, etc.), and their interrelationships, and of bringing them into balance in the practice of software engineering. Among the highlights of the workshop, the 2000 Computer Pioneer Award, Harold “Bud” Lawson gave a talk on “A Historical Perspective of Software Qualities”.

May 2018 - PROMOpedia presentation and first release

The first release of PROMOpedia, an online encyclopedia of software properties and their evaluation methods, was officially presented at the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering. For more information, please visit the PROMOpedia website.

March 2019 - Keynote at ICSA

Professor Claes Wohlin gave a keynote titled "Moving towards Evidence-based Software Architecture Research" at the International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA 2019).

November 2018 - PROMOpedia at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia

PROMOpedia was featured as a presentation at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia and available for demonstration to practitioners. The talk went over the software quality challenges affecting software development and introduced PROMOpedia to practitioners. For more information, please visit the PROMOpedia website.

November 2018 - BTH is among the world’s most outstanding universities in software engineering research

BTH ranked sixth in the world and first in Europe regarding the number of publications in leading journals in the field. Link: https://www.bth.se/eng/dipt_eng-news/bth-top-ranked-in-software-engineering-research/

March 2019 - MARCH workshop

ORION co-organized the 3rd International Workshop on decision Making in Software ARCHitecture (MARCH) co-located with the International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA 2019).

September 2020 - ICSME presentation

The Orion survey "Selecting component sourcing options: A survey of software engineering’s broader make-or-buy decisions", published in Information and Software Technology, will be presented as a journal first contribution at the International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2020).